Digital Contact Solution

— The ultimate contact journey —

We have simplified the digital contact process for the digital age. We can help you create an effective digitalization strategy and provide you with the latest management tools, so you will be more efficient and faster, at lower costs, without harming customer satisfaction.

We can send digital payment reminders via email, SMS text message, pre-recorded voice message and personalized interactive videos. Our Payment Reminders are multi-lingual and each offers a click & pay functionality. So, you can inform and resolve in one step. Customers can settle their debt easier and you can enhance your collection results.

Find out about how automated reminder systems can boost performance and improve credit management processes.

Benefits of Digital Contacts

Lower costs

Faster payments

Reduced churn

Automated & personalized

Payment Reminders explained in 1 minute


Debt collection agencies

Payment Reminders are available for






HD Voice

Allow your call agents to focus on those debtors who really need extra attention! We place an automatic voice call to your debtors and remind them about their debt. You’ll never have to waste time on busy numbers or hang-ups again.


Automatic e-mail reminders can be used as digital invoices and payment reminders. Just like our other Payment Reminders, e-mail reminders include a link to pay directly. Your debtors get this e-mail from your own domain name and completely in your brand’s look and feel.

Thanks to the included audio functionality, recipients can listen to the e-mail in different languages.

Premium SMS

Your debtors will receive an SMS on your behalf regarding their open bill together with a direct link to pay.

Interactive Video

Interactive video is the most simplified, personalized, and self-service option to inform and settle an unpaid bill. Sleek animation, simple language and clear subtitles guide the debtors towards the payment of the open bill. The viewers can pause or replay the video anytime and as often as they need. This ensures they will always be able to understand the message.

Single payment link & QR code

Easy payments by scanning a QR code or just a click! Create personalized payment links and QR codes for your debtors and send them via your preferred channels.