Finance Services

Innovative and flexible working capital management.

We offer businesses working capital financing, supplier and client portfolio management to european companies.

Supply Chain Financing

We support our clients by facilitating their relationships with suppliers by offering reverse factoring solutions.
Our platform establishes communication between clients and their suppliers.

Through the platform, the supplier can receive an advance on invoices online at any time, quickly and directly, without increase in the CIRBE or the need for a notary.

“A quick and direct process”

Advantages for the company

Advantages for the supplier

Client Financing

The All4Con team specialises in working capital financing for businesses.

We identify the most efficient financing for each company after familiarising ourselves with your customer base and invoices.

“Our success lies in adapting ourselves to your daily life”

Advantages for the company

Inventory Finance

We create transparency for purchasing and inventory financing

We optimize inventory financing and release tied-up capital.

WE combine the know-how of three realms: years of experience in efficient, digital logistics, a detailed understanding of the requirements of the lending industry, and in-depth knowledge of the needs of successful retail and production companies.









The SaaS solution

In this context, our partner has created an efficient, cloud-based software solution designed to aggregate real-time information on the inventory of businesses and their logistics providers into an intuitive, interactive interface. He evaluates these inventories based on current market values from independent sources, providing businesses and banks with a more complete picture of the stock’s marketability beyond its net worth.

Our partner therefore satisfies the data and information requirements of all involved, including funding providers, banks and other lenders, the hedging trade (credit) insurance companies, and investors.

By providing access to real-time inventory information, he creates security and transparency in the financing of goods and stock, allowing both growing and established businesses to use their inventory as collateral for loans. As well as improving the company’s cash flow and providing funds from its stock, it also mitigates the financing risk for lenders.

Advantages For All Parties

Optimizing inventory financing


Security and transparency for inventory financing


Improve liquidity pledging available assets


Additional USP for your customers

More Transparency. More Efficiency. More Value.

Optimizing inventory financing

Initial And Ongoing Valuation Of Stock Using Digital Market Analysis

Access For All Involved Based On Definable Authorization Concept

Detailed Inventory Overvire Of Same-Day Product Inflow And Outflow

Cost-Effective Implementation, With Flexible Interfaces For All Parties

Optimization Of Bank’s Loan Decision Process And Continuous Risk Controlling

Additional Flexible SaaS Valuation And Market Analysis Service

The Connection

Efficient, quick and easy:

Evaluation Of The Content And Technology Required At A Joint, Free Workshop.

Establishment Of The Connection And Contract Agreement With All Parties, Including Bank, Business And Logistics Company.

Start Of Data Import With Immediate Inventory Updates And Current Market Values.