Payment Services

With our Payment gateway you can offer the most popular payment methods in your online shop. With just one technical integration, you have access to the payment gateway and thus to payment methods and additional services.
You have a retail store and need a POS terminal? You can easily obtain this from us. We also integrate the POS payments into the payment dashboard – so you have all payments at a glance!

Payment Methods



Functionality: The customer pays quickly and comfortable with a credit card via the PCI DSS certified credit card interface provided by our Payment Partner. Once the credit card data has been entered and confirmed by the cardholder, the payment data is transmitted directly to Our Payment Partner. The credit card data is never stored on the merchant’s systems, which reduces the scope of the PCI DSS certification of merchants to a minimum.

Features: Refunds, Recurring Payments, Redirect or iFrame Integration

Add-on’s: 3D Secure


Functionality: With SEPA Direct Debit, outstanding amounts are simply debited to the customer’s bank account. The customer enters IBAN, BIC and account holder in the checkout. Via the payment system, the direct debit is then submitted to and executed by the merchant’s bank. Successful payments can be marked as completed and the new status transmitted to the merchants’ system.

Features: Mandate creation and management, refunds, recurring payments 

Add-on’s: Incoming payment monitoring, risk check, collection, secured

Functionality: When purchasing on account, the goods are delivered prior the payment. The buyer can check the goods’ condition and pays the outstanding amount.

The financial risk lies with the merchant/supplier. This is why it is also referred to as a supplier/goods credit.

Purchasing on account is very popular with customers in Germany, but involves risks for the merchant. To minimize fraud and payment defaults, risk and creditworthiness checks can be carried out. Furthermore, liquidity can be increased through factoring.

Features: B2B & B2C

Add-on’s: Incoming payment monitoring, risk check, collection, secured / factoring / payout guarantee

Functionality: The customer pays the invoiced amount to the merchant in advance via bank transfer. Only after confirmed receipt of payment the goods are dispatched by the merchant. Since the financial risk lies with the customer, this is also referred to as a customer or buyer credit.

Functionality: Using a PayPal account, the payer can initiate a payment by entering an email address and password, which is then booked to the merchant’s PayPal account. During checkout, the buyer is directed to the PayPal website, enters the user data and confirms the transaction. A bank account/credit card of the buyer is deposited with PayPal.
PayPal is also popular as a payment method among buyers because of its comprehensive buyer protection. This allows the buyer to easily charge back funds, even without the consent of the merchant.

Functionality: The customer can pay the outstanding amount quickly and easily via online bank transfer. To do so, the customer is redirected to the website of SOFORT, enters the account information in the interface and confirms the transfer via TAN.
The merchant immediately receives the payment confirmation and can deliver the ordered goods directly.
SOFORT is available in 9 European countries (Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland, Spain, UK).

Functionality: The customer can pay the outstanding amount quickly and easily via online bank transfer.To do so, the buyer is redirected to the giropay website, enters the account information in the interface and confirms the transfer via TAN.
The merchant immediately receives the payment confirmation and can deliver the ordered goods directly.
Giropay is available to account holders in Germany.

Features: Small amounts up to 30 EUR without TAN possible

Functionality: The customer needs a customer account at one of the participating banks and an account at paydirekt. For payments, the payer is redirected to the paydirekt website and can log in with login data (username & password) and confirm the payment.
Paydirekt is an online payment procedure for German bank accounts and a service of the German banks and savings banks.

Features: Refunds

Functionality: The customer can pay the outstanding amount in cash at cash registers of participating retail stores. For this purpose, a payment coupon is created after checkout in the online shop. This is scanned at the cash register when presented in the retail trade and can then be paid in cash.
Once the buyer has paid, the merchant is informed of the receipt of payment and can ship the ordered goods.

Functionality: The customer settles the outstanding amount by bank transfer via iDEAL. For this purpose the customer is redirected to the secure payment page of iDEAL. By entering the account number and confirming the transaction with a 2-factor authentication, the payment is initiated.
The merchant receives a payment confirmation and can ship the goods immediately.
iDEAL is an online payment system from the Netherlands.

White Label

Become a payment provider yourself

Our Payment Partner enables you to become a payment service provider yourself. We provide you with a white label gateway, adapted to your corporate identity. You manage your merchants and accounts independently, we take care of the security.


Various White Label models are available, which differ in the technical setup and service levels of our Payment Partner.


The white label solution is adapted to your look and feel. A color selection for the dashboard can be chosen, your logo can be integrated and a custom URL can be used.


With the Our Payment Partner white label solution you create your own merchant and user accounts and set up the individual payment methods for each merchant. You can use all available payment connections and all additional services such as risk assessment.



With our development team we create a suitable white label solution according to your individual needs


Appear to your customers as a professional payment service provider with our help


We create your white label instance in a short time, so that you can quickly start as a PSP


Payment via personalised payment links

Starting 2015, our Payment Partner has been offering an innovative solution for Pay Later payment models with JetztZahlen – No e-shop required. The idea of JetztZahlen is to make the payment of outstanding amounts as convenient as possible. The goal is to ensure convenience in the payment process even if the time of purchase and payment differ. This enables customers to pay invoices online using the most popular payment methods.

With JetztZahlen you can create clearly laid out one-page payment pages in your look and feel. Quick and easy!

Payment by link

Optimize invoice payments, increase the payment convenience for your customers and thus achieve faster payment.

Selection of all supported payment methods

All common payment methods are integrated in the payment link – enable your customers to choose.

Optimal solution for dunning

Make it easier for your customers to pay invoices. They can pay outstanding bills quickly and easily while surfing the Internet, visiting social networks and reading emails.

Marketing potential 

Use the payment process to advertise products and offers and increase your sales.

Customizable payment pages for the most convenient online payment of invoices, reminders and donations without e-shop. In the following video you will find an overview of the possibilities of JetztZahlen.

Risk Management

Reduce fraud rates

Defaults and fraud can significantly reduce a company’s profits. Minimize your payment defaults by using our comprehensive risk management.

The central objectives of successful risk management are to minimize payment defaults while maximizing revenues. With these requirements in mind, our Payment Partner has developed a comprehensive decision engine with the help of external partners and specialized service providers, which helps to prevent fraudulent purchases and thus minimizes payment defaults. The following features are available: